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spot cleaning guide

No one likes it when something spill's on the floor, but with the help of these spotting guides there is a good chance it can be removed. To help you here are a few links to basic ‘do it yourself’ guides.

Click on the links below to be taken to a spotting guide that gives specific instructions for specific spots.Spot Cleaning

Bane Clene carpet spotting guide

Carpet and Rug Institute Spotting Guide

Shaw Floors Stain Center IPhone App

We frequently see clients try to remove spots on their own and end up permanently damaging their carpet in one of the following ways:

  1. Inappropriate solutions If a cleaning solution with harsh chemicals, bleach, optical brighteners or a high PH is used, the color of the carpet may be irreversibly altered or the carpet dye can be removed leaving a permanent, white, bleached out spot in your otherwise beautiful carpeting. Some products may set the stain making it impossible to remove in the future.
  2. Residue Some cleaning solutions are over applied or not rinsed out which leaves residue in the carpet that attracts dirt making the spot worse than before.
  3. Overwetting In your efforts you may overwet the carpet or not dry it quick enough which causes browning or wicking.
  4. Improper procedures Pile/Yarn distortion can result by harsh scrubbing or rubbing of the carpet.

This is in no way a permanent substitute for a Quality carpet cleaning. However these tips can help between cleanings or if it after hours, and the Hydrostar carpet cleaning team is unavailable. 

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